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Merry Christmas, everyone!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas!

Thank you all for a wonderful year.

Be happy!

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Okay, so for the past two weeks every day I have walked home from work I have gone past what I am now calling the Scary Santa. Seriously, this Santa scares the hell out of me every time I see it.

So, because I am genuinely interested in how other people see this Santa, tell me what you think!

Does this Santa scare the shit out of you? poll and full size picture under cut )

Yeah, going to bed now. *thunk*
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Okay people! Listen up!

I have two and a half days left of work before my holiday leave starts and I'm BORED. I need something to keep me entertained, to keep my mind active over the next couple of days or otherwise I'm going to go crazy with impatience, so what better way to kill time than write holiday drabbles?

Let me share a little of this Christmas cheer with you all. Tell me your favourite Christmas 'thing' -- be it smell, object, song, anything. Tell me your favourite Harry Potter character or pairing. Tell me something special that you'd like to see in your drabble.

If I can't do anything else for you this Christmas, let me celebrate Christmas with you this way.
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I got a lovely package of goodies from [ profile] hiddenhibiscus today. Honestly, about the most coherant thing I can say before falling asleep is,


Thank you so much! I love it all! Much, much love! <333

Oh and also, many thanks to [ profile] alegriagraciela, [ profile] nightfalltwen, [ profile] lissinthecity, [ profile] zeldaophelia and [ profile] tarie for brightening my day with their lovely cards. It is much appreciated. :-*
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Tongieht wast thea workhj Chirstasam partyu. So goohd. Ihate thsess thngis but this wadsss mu csh fun,. fdood wads the crwap butr as smuhch drinnk ass you wantyewd for fere. god i dont;; thiebnk i;'.ve bneen this comp;letelly drunku forj ages. So going to regerwt thsi.

Thinknms i trhied cracking ontoo one of teh hot siongle desktpo boys. So nopt good. Or mayrbe it was his frined. Canmnt remmeber. BGut versy hot guyy.

Shit reallkky shoul;dn't poist wyhen so crunk. io think ive' dopne this befored, haventt; i;/? god imn' goinmg to regert this.\\\

but rreally, if thisf onl;y happnses onceds a year thenm i;t;s allk OKJH befucase thate means that ethe reast of the years i;m sensibel.

the deskptops guy swwas so verty hot. but hot workmaets is not goofd.

reallkjy, i liove you all veryrt much, and reaslly, we cant''t do chirutmas parties liket this over thiis medium. but i so wihs we couldlv becsause yoiur'e all aces and i think yiou're all prettytr nifyty and i'dsw want to be abel to wishe you all a wondefreul chiristimas because you area all brill.;ant. and yeah.

loves yoyu all, really. and mewrry chrirtmas and i ho[pe thatr the hoiliday se4ason is goods for yoyu all bcauese youy deserve it. lhave i siad i luve you all yet, becsayue i do.


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