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Imagine you are 25 years old. You've been with your partner, the love of your life, since you were 17/18. You've both had a lot to deal with over the years and time hasn't been kind to either of you. Your partner is conscripted to fight for your country in it's bid to prove to the world that it is the better Nation. Your partner is harmed in combat. Not only is he/she physically injured but they have also sustained psychological injuries that may never go away. Your partner is discharged and you are left to try and support your partner while he/she recovers.

Unfortunately things do not go as well as you would hope and your partner develops a rare debilitating disease which freezes his/her nerves and leaves them unable to take care of themselves. You seek all forms of medical help but the bottom-line is your partner may never be able to take care of themselves again. You have to wash them, dress them, feed them, take them to the toilet, care for them, for the rest of your life. To make things even worse your partner is still haunted by the psychological traumas they experienced while in combat.

Your life as you know it is over. You may never speak to your partner again. Your partner is not likely to ever hold you, comfort you, tell you that they love ever again.

What is your first, natural, reaction? Even if you choose to stay with your partner, to look after and care for them, what is that first, gut reaction?

This is a completely hypothetical scenario. All I am interested in is what your natural reaction would be.
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It's late and really not the ideal time to get into a discussion on original fiction vs. fanfiction, but I was talking with [ profile] mockreality who brought up some interesting points about what you get out of writing original fiction instead of fanfiction. I don't actually agree with her POV, but it did make me think about what I get out of writing fanfiction as well as original fiction.

C/p'd with permission from a tired [ profile] mockreality. SPAG and incoherancy to be ignored. :">

[ profile] maevy: so i have a hankering to write a novel length hp fic... haven't had an urge to do that in a long time....

[ profile] mockreality: why dont you just write something non hp... you know? if i didnt always have uni work to do, that's what i would do... and indeed tried to over the xmas holidays. i don't, i never have understood the whole reasoning why someone wants to write fics of hp or fanfics in general.. i tried once or twice, but that is someone elses idea, someone elses imagination you are taping into and using their idea to, well... because you are too lazy to think of a different storyline, different characters. sure there interesting to read, but nothing like the real thing, the real experience of writing something that is uniquely yours.. something that doesn't need to comply with rules of canon.. etc. i mean i know that's what you love, and i am in no way trying to dismiss it, but i think you'd get more satisfaction of coming up with an original storyline of your own. that's me though and when i ever get to actually sit down and extend my short stories into novels that's what will make me happy, but doing and working on what someone elses hardwork seems not right.. you probably disagree with me totally, but that's your thing..

In which Maevy defends the creativity of writing fanfic, despite the fact that I am clearly brain-fried... )

Right, so the point of this post is to ask you all what you think. Why do you write fanfiction? What are your views on original fiction vs. fanfiction? I know a lot of you write original fic as well as fanfic so I'd very interested to hear all your views. So, speak up! Tell me what you think!


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