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Apr. 7th, 2005 09:41 am
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It's Thursday today, which ultimately means pay day, but it also means I've got to do a food shop after work, and I am sick to death of eating the same food week after week. I often get lazy when it comes to meal ideas because living on your own it often seems pointless to cook a hot meal, or anything exciting because it's just you.

So, I turn to you, faithful flist -- tell me what your favourite simple meals are. Things you might make just for yourself but you know you'll always enjoy. Salads, stews, anything which is reasonably healthy and which you just love to eat. :D

And writing this I realise I still haven't eaten anything since lunch yesterday, so I should probably do something about that too!
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So despite the fact that I've been in a horrible mood for the past few days I do have reason to celebrate. Today is payday and as it's the second last pay of the year it also means we get our leave loading included with our normal pay. Yay for extra money!

I've been in Super Bitch mode recently and have come so, so close to losing it over the phone at a few customers. Honestly, I'd be lost without the mute button!

If you haven't already filled out my Christmas card poll, please do so. I'm hopeless at getting things posted on time but that doesn't mean I don't want to send you a card. GO ON! YOU KNOW YOU WANT A CHRISTMAS CARD FROM ME! :D

And because I could really use a good stiff drink right now and can't, tell me your favourtie cocktails, or even just your favourite stress-free drinks!


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