Oct. 4th, 2004 12:29 am
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I think I've done something to my jaw or something but I've been in constant pain on the right side of my jaw for the past couple of days and in the last two hours or so the pain has flared up so incredibly that even swallowing hurts. I've taken Ibuprofen to try and stop the pain and still nothing. Opening my mouth is like forcing a locked case open. :((((((((((((
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You know, I really do love the Olympics. I don't think there is any one thing I could pinpoint and say this is why I love the Olympics. It's just there.

I've spent the last four mornings waking up at some dreadful hour to catch the swimming and cycling finals. I'm exhaustd, and my body is sorely regretting the continued onslaught. So much so, actually, that it has all but given up on trying to fight this damn flu. So on top of being exhausted I feel completely miserable too.

Olympic musings... )

I am also sick to death of hearing Australian's bag out American's. Come on, guys! There is NO NEED to bag out the American's. So what if the media have made a big deal of Michael Phelps, it doesn't make him a no-good American git! He's only 19, and there's NOTHING wrong with being 19 and ambitious!

I want to know what right Australian's have to belittle American's. Yes, there is genuine rivalry between the US and Australia but to make bold statements of 'hating the bloody yanks' makes me so mad. The American's are people too. Why hold the faults of a nation against the people of that nation? Australian's you are NOT perfect. Australia is not a perfect nation; we are as riddled with faults as the US. There is nothing to prove. There is no reason for such belligerent behaviour, and yet the Australian people seem to get some sort of joy in insulting the American's. It's times like these that make me question my loyalty to Australia.

Come on, Australia. Don't hold the faults of a nation against the people of that nation!


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