Mar. 25th, 2005 04:07 pm
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It's Friday, not Saturday. I know it's Friday. And yet, here I was waiting for 4 o'clock to come along so that I could watch Everwood. Woe. I am inordinately disappointed by this.

And because this amused me greatly...

I don't know why [ profile] arianna_malfoy went all psycho over me and [ profile] teaspoon14 having a little fun.

Hey and know what? [ profile] silverbookworm told me that [ profile] surreal_life told people that they saw me backstabbing [ profile] zeldaophelia. What a crock!   

And also I was supposed to get together with [ profile] sympathetic_ink this afternoon but I don't want to anymore.  I'm so tired of seeing the same people. 

Oh yeah. Monday was my birthday and nobody noticed or gave me presents or wished me happy birthday :-(. 

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I really should be in bed at the moment, but I always screw my body clock up on a Saturday night which means that I'm always tired when I start work on Monday, but such is life.

I've spent much of the weekend avoiding the work I need to do by watching new episodes of 'The Simpsons' and reading M*A*S*H slash -- both of which I might add are incredibly addictive. Of course, I can't just watch an episode of The Simpons without making a bunch of icon bases. My favourite of which is this one: Homer love! )

Speaking of M*A*S*H slash, it amused me greatly to see the same prejudices against slash in the M*A*S*H fandom as in the HP fandom. The idiocy of some people will never cease to amaze me. Honestly, if something is clearly marked 'slash', do NOT leave a review going 'eww! slash! why couldn't you make this hawkeye/margaret instead!'. If slash isn't your cup of tea, don't click on the link marked slash! Rah!

Recently my cat has taken to sleeping in the bathroom. I don't pretend to understand why she is sleeping in the bathroom, but I'm sick to death of tripping over her in the middle of the night. Really, my feet can do without the scratches.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of training a new casual at work. Usually most of the casuals we get in are complete computer nerds and the thought of having a real conversation with any of them is laughable. But the new casual is different. He's smart and he's funny and he's good looking and as much as I hate to admit it I do sort of have a bit of a crush on him. Although, I try not to let myself, because I'm meant to be his mentor and just because I can have a real conversation with him, does NOT mean I should have a crush on him. No sirree! And the fact that I always look forward to his lunchtime visits? Yeah, that means nothing at all. Nope. Nothing.

Apparently I never update this thing enough, and I've got [ profile] mockreality threatening to box my ears in if I don't update at least three times a week, so I guess I better start updating again. :/

And I realise this is all very random, but it's late and I need sleep! But, I updated, so yay!
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Every Australian over the age of 18 should have the right to vote revoked and destroyed. Actually, lets kill the teen fan-girl vote while we're at it, too. Even better, all voting in Australia should banned completely. Period.

There are some people that will never be forgotten. Christopher Reeve is one of those people. RIP, Superman. You will never be forgotten. :(
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Right, Australia, tell me something. Why the devil is this person ) and this person ) still in the competition while this person ) is out!?!?

Honestly I am going to scream if I have listen to this person ) massacre yet another rock song. >:O THINK, AUSTRALIA, THINK!!! While this person's ) performance last night wasn't as great as it could've been it was still better than this person's )! NOT IMPRESSED, AUSTRALIA! =;
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Too much reality TV and too much wine has eaten my brain and to add to the joy it looks like I might have to swim to work tomorrow. My joy at this knows no bounds. :/

Aww, The Wedding Planner is so cute. <333 

I know something similar to this goes around every few months, but I'm bored and have drunk too much so entertain me:

I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you realize that you have no idea about. I'll answer as best as I can.

Ask anything that you like and I will answer! :D


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