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These are the unwritten rules from the highly over worked, but highly under paid technical support staff at an IT service provider near you...

1. DO NOT talk over me. Listen damn it, you can't do what I tell you to do constantly jabbering bullshit over me. I talk... you don't. Why did you even ask me a question if you are going to fucking answer it yourself?

2. DO NOT call me and then put me on hold. You called me, genius. You want my help, stay on the fucking line and listen. We have much better things to do than talk to you anyway.

3. DO NOT read long error messages to me unless I ask you to. Do you honestly think we get anything out of a 50 digit hex number?

4. DO NOT start off a call by saying anything in the neighbourhood of "hi, how's it going" or "busy today?" That just serves to piss us off. Get to the problem so we can get you off the phone. The day was great until I had to start answering your totally moronic questions.

5. DO NOT get pissed when we tell you that your system is royally fucked. We didn't fuck it up. It wasn't us. We're simply telling it like it is.

What NOT to do when you call an IT Service provider... )

I love my job, but sometimes it's enough to drive you batty. =;
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No, really.

This day has gone from bad to worse and it's only just past half way.

I've just about had enough of today. Actually, I'd had enough of today 5 minutes after I was here. I've already answered more calls today than I usually do on a daily basis. I want to decapitate all new students, shoot parents of all new students, and tell self-righteous arrogant as all hell lecturers to pull their heads out of their arses and see that the world does not revolve around them. If the system crashes again I think I might just scream. My direct colleague is on holiday for the next two weeks and has left me with an incompetent back-end of support. I am sick of not having enough time to think or compose emails or to answer emails. I have a back log of people to call back and I've got blisters on my ankles, and all I really want to do is give a hearty fuck you to one and all.

Bitch, bitch, moan, moan. I'll stop updating this post in a moment but really, I am going to throttle the next parent that rings up on behalf of their son/daughter and asks for their password. NO WAY, FUCKER. I don't care if your son/daughter is down at the pool or overseas or giving their boyfriend a blow job, I ain't giving you their password, no matter how much you beg. =;

Keep me sane. Tell me what's pissing you off, or tell me something good about your day.
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So despite the fact that I've been in a horrible mood for the past few days I do have reason to celebrate. Today is payday and as it's the second last pay of the year it also means we get our leave loading included with our normal pay. Yay for extra money!

I've been in Super Bitch mode recently and have come so, so close to losing it over the phone at a few customers. Honestly, I'd be lost without the mute button!

If you haven't already filled out my Christmas card poll, please do so. I'm hopeless at getting things posted on time but that doesn't mean I don't want to send you a card. GO ON! YOU KNOW YOU WANT A CHRISTMAS CARD FROM ME! :D

And because I could really use a good stiff drink right now and can't, tell me your favourtie cocktails, or even just your favourite stress-free drinks!


Sep. 20th, 2004 04:52 pm
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My God, I am about to kill this client! *smites*

Need some quick help, I was meant to email a client information on free Spyware removal programs but I don't have the time to go look for any at the moment. If anyone can provide me with any links I would be most appreciate! Honestly, if you can help me now I'll send Tim Tams or chocolate or something but I'm desperate!

*loves on all!*

Bugger it.

Jul. 22nd, 2004 11:03 pm
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Does anyone know anything about running Eudora from a Mac?

What I need to know specifically is if Eudora (version 6) running from an eMac (OSX) can be taught to forward messages to another account -- a rule of some kind that forces all messages received to go straight to a different account?

Alternatively, is there any option in Eudora to set an Out of Office assistant that can also have a rule that all messages are bounced back to the sender, or something similar?

Also what is the path users need to take to get information regarding the current incoming and outgoing mail settings(again Eudora v6, OSX)?

I don't use Eudora, I know a few of the basics but I've never used Eudora on a Mac before. How different is Eudora on a Mac to Eudora on a PC?

My god, I so don't want to go to work tomorrow. :-
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Bah. Am endlessly bored today. I have been asked to test out various new domain servers which is fun and amusing for all of 30 seconds. My colleague is on annual leave this week and as such I'm completely on my own which means that any actual Service Desk calls are going through to one of the other campuses which leaves me hopelessly BORED.

So, lovely flist let me drabble for you. :D Give me a pairing, a word, a theme, anything, and I will drabble for you. ;;)


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